Ban on social media and murder of Muzahid & Salauddin Kader

When I heard that all social media including, Facebook, what’s app, Skype and so on are shut down in ¬†Bangladesh for unlimited period, it was not quite difficult for me to find out that something wrong is going to be happened in the country by the government. It did not take long time to find out the fact; BNP leader Salauddin Kader Chowdhury and Jamat leader Muzahid is hanged to death tonight. It is nothing but a murder by intention of the government. I am fully against the procedure followed in the tribunal for these ill intended political murders.

Well, if the government is confident about their actions on this trial, then why they are trying to stop people to raise their voice against it. Actually, AL government knows it clearly that these trials are questionable nationally and internationally. Government does not want people to write or say their opinion through social media. Social media is a powerful platform of communication and expressing freely. Already government has made legislation to prosecute people who practices criticising government.

This is not the first time government has banned the social media in Bangladesh. But this is for the first time the whole internet connectivity of the country was disconnected for some time. Looking at the government’s acts it seems like that they want to achieve something in very hurry and hiding it from everyone. But Sheikh Hasina must know from her son Joy that technology has already developed so far that just banning social media in the country can slow down the spread of news, but can’t stop it.

Sheikh Hasina and her ministers saying that they stopping the social media for the safety and safeguarding the people of the country. Can she tell how they are doing that? What she wants to hide? People know their agenda. They just want to oppress people. I have never seen such oppression by any government before. They just want to rule the people like ancient dark ages.

Khaleda Zia must act tough on these. AL has made lots of traps for BNP so far. But that’s it. AL has reached the pick of corruption and oppression. As opposition political party, BNP must do something. Jamat has no future in Bangladesh, as people does not want to see the slaughtering party again. Rather BNP has a chance to unite people.

AL is doing whatever they feel like in the country. They don’t care about anyone now. Sheikh Hasina has become the queen of dictators now, she is even more dictator than her father. Now I feel why Sheikh Mujib was murdered. This government is not going to stop. People must unite and protest against this. International communities must put pressure on the government on killing the people using judicial system as puppet to fulfil their political goals.

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