France attack by ISIS warned us for immediate actions

france attack ISIS

Paris terrorist attack on last Friday has shaken the world. It simply shows that what ISIS is capable of. they have entered the era of international terrorism and showed off their capabilities to the world. The worst possible point is, they have used the refugee crisis to enter into the Europe. They have killed 129 innocent people in Paris. Those people were killed because of nothing. ISIS has proved again that for their so called Islamic Jihad, they can do any form of dirty attacks on innocent human being.

France is known for culture and freedom. In no way, even in my dream, I expected that ISIS will take this sort of cowardly actions. They have used their men. I don’t know why even their militants sacrifice their lives for ISIS. International communities were soft so far on ISIS; I think all the countries in the world must destroy this ISIS with full power. Otherwise, fear of terror will eat up all the peace in the world. I salute the people of France, as they are fighting against these extremist with their will power. They are a country with brave minds. Charlie hebdo’s stand against these Islamic fundamentalist were very much correct. Every person must have their freedom of opinion. France has become the target of attacks few times. I think, French government should also look into the security matters for the country.

It is a mourning time for the people of the world. All the countries have shown their sympathies for this country. But these so called jihadists also must be eliminated by law enforcement agencies. They have had enough, before any other attack takes life of more innocent people, western countries must take urgent actions against this group. Fundamentalists are nobodies friend. Even they are not friend of their fellow jihadists; unfortunately their fellow jihadists don’t understand that. They have been brain washed in such a way, that they have become blind.

Dream of heaven have worked for these fundamental terrorists. Al-Qaeeda used the same tactic to train their jihadists. We need to take actions which will teach people, especially the young people, about the fake dreams shown by these militant groups. Without educating them, we may be able to stop the war for a while; but we won’t be able to stop the radical fundamentalist thought process from the society. We also need to give special care to the society of the third-world countries. Because those are the places from where jihadists can be recruited easily due to their lack in commitment and awareness.

This is not a problem of France or any single country only now. This is the problem of the humanity. If my writing could aware at least few people in the world, I will consider myself successful; as I don’t want to keep my children in a fearful world.

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