Chatro League: Name of anarchy that’s going through countrywide

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Chatro League, a student wings of the Awami League  day by day crossing its limit.  They activists of the Chatro League behave that they are all in all of the country. The country is in their hand and they have all the privilege to do anything. If you go through the news portal or keep your eyes on TV channel you can see some of their autocrat act what is going through all over the country. Though the maximum crime of the chatro league activist are buried down under their political power. Moreover, the victims do not dare to raise their voice against the injustice that has happened to them , because if they go to court for seeking justice they are threatened to their life and justice that is further issue.

On last 19 July, an activist   of chatro league kidnapped a girl from Sonagazi Government College. The girl was a student of  higher secondary of this college. She was innocent. She just rejected her proposal what’s consequence was too bad. She had to pay much more than her very little mistake of refusal. She was captured for 5 days where she had to gonna through physical and mental torture.

On the other hand, in  Borguna another incident happened. A group of Chatro League activists took the bus away for their meetings while the passengers, who have the tickets, waiting in the bus station.  When the bus was getting to late to come , they passengers inquired about it. Later they found it the chatro league activists took the bus away for their meeting.

 This is just some scattered picture of the country.  Actually the anarchy that is created by Chatra League is much more than that.  They do not leave any kind of heinous crime spare. They are snatching, mugging, killing, raping, snatching others land illegally, smuggling and much more.  Though they are caught in some cases but they manage to escape with the help of law enforcing agency and Awami leaders and ministers. They  thought themselves the king  or prince of the country, yes that country which has achieved its freedom  by the dint of the blood of 3 millions martyr and more than 2 millions women’s chastity.

This is really embarrassing for any sovereign independent country even itis quite a shameful matter for us.  They thought only through the power the achieved everything, even they are successful in this regard, but they lose one thing that is public’s trust what is really important for any government.   I request to honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in this regard, please interfere in this matter and stop the anarchy that is going on countrywide.  It is high time to take initiatives in this regard. Otherwise that day was not too far when common public will take decision and your rejection by the common public  will be just a matter of time.

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