45 Seconds speaks about radicalization in Bangladesh

tajia procession attack

Bangladesh has taken one step further in extreme radicalization yesterday. Shia Muslims were attacked with bomb blast during preparation for mourning procession at Hoseni Dalan at old Dhaka. This incidents reminds me about the conflict going on in Iraq. ISIS has already claimed the responsibility of this blast and this is covered by international & national media with importance. Is this the time when IS starts operating openly in Bangladesh? Well, everyone in Bangladesh is scared about this except the government (though government is well aware of the fact).

Many international organisations have been warning Bangladeshi government regarding the Islamist extremists operation within the country. Most of the countries raised their concern of visiting Bangladesh for more than a month due to the law & order situation in the country. AL government, as always, pointing BNP-Jamat for the killings took place. But I can tell you, yesterday’s incident in Tajia procession blast indicates that none is safe now. Last week, Ansarullah Bangla Team sent the letter through email to express their organisational power within the country and everyone in the country already knows about ABT’s terrorist activities. What government has done about that? Nothing.

The boy, Sazzad who died during the yesterday’s blast went to see the procession. This innocent boy had no idea about the radicalization or Islamist militants. This AL government has failed to ensure the safety and security of the people. Government is trying to blame opposition political parties and trying to draw a picture that international terrorist groups are not involved or existing in Bangladesh. My dear government, do you think international bodies are sleeping and don’t have the capabilities to identify who is actually responsible for these attacks. Instead of fighting against the terrorism which is boarding on the shoulder of the country, AL government is trying to gain politically out of it. What a shame!

It took only 45 seconds to complete the blast incident. I have seen the blast footage. I found no law enforcement agencies there and no activities just after the incident. It is already proved that Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies are not capable to tackle the terrorist activities in Bangladesh. Now people are killed and wounded in the name of religion. If there was no religion, then these killings would not take place. But how the leaders would have manipulate people over religious belief. This is the time that people must ask the government to resign.

And I don’t understand why people has to conduct a procession by harming themselves and for an incident took place thousand years ago ( which none of us has seen at all). But that is a separate issue. Bottom line is, terrorist militants who are trained and taken part in international so called Jihads are now actively operating in Bangladesh. It is not far when this questionable secular country is going to end up like Iraq, Afghanistan. Everyone must act now. Otherwise, you never know when you are going to be in the hospital wounded or dead like the 80 people sent yesterday.

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