Bangladesh government must ban Jamat-E-Islami and Shibir immediately

jamat shibir attack

Every citizen of Bangladesh, except Jamat-Shibir followers, hates this political organisation. This political organisation is fully based on religious agenda which is not allowed by country’s constitution. Last time, when EC asked every registered political organisation to revise their organisational constitution, Jamat modified their’s as well. But on ground, Jamat-Shibir never changed their way of operations. A very simple equation can be drawn from the activities of this organisation so far. ie,

Jamat-Shibir is Bangladeshi branch of Any international radical extremist terrorist organisation which is operating in the name of political organisation but executing terrorism in the name of other organisation.

I will try my best to highlight some of the important points which will force you to think about this. Jamat-Shibir wants to establish the shariah law in Bangladesh which is sent by their God. For doing that they have slaughtered many innocent people since the independence of Bangladesh. They have tried to integrate themselves with government in power so that they can employ their followers in the administrative system of the country. And unfortunately they have succeeded in this. Unlike other political parties, Jamat-Shibir takes all kinds of responsibilities of its followers for whole life. Like, if you are a follower of this organisation, they will get yourself admitted in college or university, they will provide you hostel during your study, they will provide you with job when you pass your education, they will do the same for your children as well, if you are injured for the party you will be given with treatment, even if you die for the party your family will get huge amount of compensation for this, if you face any legal matters you will be provided with legal representative etc. Now, If you are secured like this, then it is nearly impossible to leave the organisation.

I have already mentioned on how Jamat-Shibir is funded through international private and organisational donations and also from their own financial organisation locally. They have never been scared to announce their position against democracy and people of Bangladesh. They are financially so sound that they can afford to declare war against Bangladesh anytime. Bangladesh government had been telling about banning Jamat-Shibir for ages, but this back-boneless AL government is scared to ban this radical organisation and want to use them for political gain. But AL government does not know that by using Jamat-E-Islami & Shibir for their political game against BNP will damage the country to its fullest.

Jamat-E-Islami & Shibir is expert in slaughtering people. They are nothing but the branch of international terrorist network in Bangladesh. If you are talking about ISIS, Al-qaeda, Boco Haram, Taleban, Muslim brotherhood, Jamat-Shibir etc. all are just part of a single international terrorist network. They just simply change their name and face for different time & place. Same terrorist network strategy is followed by Jamat-Shibir within Bangladesh to expand and execute extremist terrorist activities. If you are talking about JMB, Huji, JMJB, Ansarullah Bangla Team, Hijbut Tahrir, Hizbut Tauhid etc. are just part of the Jamat-Shibir terrorism network. Earlier Jamat just used to use Shibir to execute all terrorist activities. When people of Bangladesh started to hate Shibir for their actions, Jamat just franchise their radical extreme activities to all these organisations. They are simply nothing but the bastard child of Jamat.

If AL government says that they do not have enough evidence to ban Jamat-Shibir, then none will believe that. I don’t know what is stopping government from banning Jamat-Shibir. Some bighead ministers said that if Jamat-Shibir is banned then underground killing will be increased. It shows that government is not capable enough to tackle the law & order in the country. Government is trying to save their power by letting Jamat-Shibir killing innocent people. Already Bangladesh is labeled as terrorist country internationally. Many countries has advised their citizens not to visit Bangladesh. So, if it is not the time then when is the time for government to ban this mother of terrorism in Bangladesh. If government does not take this action, then it will be very difficult to recover the position and image of Bangladesh internationally. I suspect, Bangladesh is going into the way of being Afganistan, Syria, Libya. Government must act very soon.

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