Isn’t there any solution of water logging problem in Chittagong?

water logging problem in chittagong

Scarcely had you found someone who did not like rain. But there is limit of everything. If anything goes beyond tolerance limit is not acceptable to anybody. Moreover Chittagong city is one of the most flooded areas in Bangladesh. If it started rain, people started to think how will be the water limit? Is it up to knee or waist level? Yes, this is what the dwellers of Chittagong city think before rather than enjoying rain. When I am writing this post the maximum part of the city is under the water.

Because of nonstop rain since last three days, the city dwellers are suffering too much. Maximum roads are drowned even the water is stepping to the ground floor of the house. The dwellers cannot do their routine based daily work because of water. The offices who have to go out for work, especially the women are suffering much as there are inadequate vehicles in the road.

What’s the reason behind this water logging situation? Why our road is damaged in a very little rain when the road is built billion dollar were spent. Didn’t they remember while constructing it? It is quite natural that if you use poor quality raw materials for road construction the road will be damaged soon. Every year a handsome amount of budget invested in communication development.  It is a matter of sorrow that the entire budget amount is not invested for the purpose. The concerned authority distributed maximum percentage of the budget among them and only little percent use on the actual purpose. That’s why the newly constructed road started to break down within few years of its construction.

The intellectual society keep the coffee mug warm in talk show at midnight and some filled up social media news feed with the water logging issue in every rainy season, but none come forward to working on it. What will be the harm if you do the work properly and efficiently at once. We can use good raw materials instead of poor one so that the construction work will be perfectly stable for longer period and the people can get rid of that miserable pain in every reason.

Are the concerned authorities still afraid of seeing the bad condition of the road of Chittagong city? Don’t you feel shame! The ex after ex mayor has promised already about the water logging problem in the city. In every mayoral election the make it issue and promised to solve this crisis. It seems that they don’t have any plan to solve this crisis. They want to keep it election promise to the city dwellers. Every time they take it as promise and forget after the election. Of course next time they made it again ex- mayor’s failure issue to the city dwellers.    It seems that city dwellers won’t get rid of the crisis ever. They will chase in the promise-promise election drama !

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