Bangladeshi Govt. is hiding the presence of ISIS in Bangladesh

ISIS has already started their pubic event in Bangladesh

For last few months, many people including me had been writing about the presence of ISIS in Bangladesh and regarding probable activities & operation. Bangladesh government, as usual, had been avoiding the possibility of the existence of ISIS in Bangladesh and connection with any organisation of Bangladesh. Recently, two foreign citizens are killed by ISIS in Bangladesh and still government is trying to avoid the presence of ISIS within Bangladesh. I don’t know why government is trying to hide it and what they are trying to achieve by that? Government should have accept the situation and take urgent steps to tackle this and future incidents in Bangladesh.

Italian and Japanese citizens are murdered publicly in Dhaka and Rangpur city in Bangladesh within 6 days of first murder. At first Australia informed regarding the threat of attack on foreign establishment in Dhaka at the end of September 2015. Then USA informed the same. Besides, UK and other western countries reported red alert on visiting Bangladesh. Some of the foreign offices were closed due to this threat. Bangladesh government simply denied all those threats and acted like nothing happening. As a result, Italian citizen was murdered in the diplomatic area at Gulshan in Dhaka. ISIS took the responsibility of this murder which was published by USA based online organisation which publishes terrorist threats.

Since then Bangladeshi so called ministers who have no idea at all about the situation started blaming BNP as responsible for this murder. I don’t how a minister could find out the connection of this murder with D. Yunus. These are simple blame game by Bangladeshi corrupted ministers. But they are not actually aware of that if they don’t stop this blame game and does not take necessary steps to stop ISIS activities in Bangladesh, then Bangladesh is going to be the next Pakistan, Afghanistan or Syria.

All the Awami government leaders, including Prime Minister, are saying that there is no existence of ISIS in Bangladesh. Then how people were arrested considering them as ISIS activists? Even today 3 individuals were arrested while pasting ISIS leaflets. Why these school students were pasting ISIS leaflets, if there is no activities of ISIS in Bangladesh? Dear Sheikh Hasina, open your eyes, wake up from your day dream and try to act quickly. ISIS has already recruited so many young people from all over the world, even from US and Europe for fighting in Syria. Bangladesh is already full of extremist, ISIS does not require to try much to motivate these people to turn them into a ISIS militant.

Most surprising thing is, government is trying to hide these events and their relation with ISIS. There must be something fishy going on. I suspect, Bangladeshi government may have made some kind of agreement with ISIS to play dirty role to keep Awami League in power for next few terms or something. Well, if I am correct, then Bangladesh is going to be a grave yard soon and Bangladesh is going to be declared as dangerous country to visit by most of the countries. Can anyone imagine, what will happen if something like this happens.

Every citizen of Bangladesh must raise their voice to force the government for acting quickly; otherwise dark age is going to commence in Bangladesh.

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