Who Forced 717 People to Die during Hajj 2015?

pilgrims death in hajj 2015

Death of over 700 people during hajj 2015 in Saudi Arabia is the most discussed news after migration news in the world now. Everyone is trying to explain to avoid their responsibilities for this terrific incident. I will not term this as an accident, because this sort of incident had been taking place for years during hajj. None is brave enough to take the responsibility. Somebody has to take the responsibility and speak up in front of the world for the death of these innocent people. I will try to discuss from different point of views and make some connection of dots below.

To me firstly the responsible persons are the persons who attended the Hajj. I have already said in my different articles that hajj event is just nothing but business and it is arranged to make Muslims full and make huge of money out of it. Not only Saudi Arabia, rather countries and businessmen are also involved in this game to make profit out of this event. So, the individuals who does not seek for actual plot and go for this death trap are actually responsible. They never thought that what will happen to their family if anything bad happens to them. They are so relaxed being greedy to please their God that they forget about the beloved persons who are depending on them. Did their God said to leave the responsibilities of their family?

Today the grand mufti told that people are not responsible for the death of human being. Well, I don’t know how irresponsible person he is and who had made him grand mufti. Being in a high rank, he can’t comment like this. To me if God is responsible for the death of these 717 pilgrims that why should someone go to hajj to please that God? And if the God has decided for the death, then Saudi authorities including government of countries from where these people came from are similarly responsible to push them into this death hole.

Saudi authorities failed to ensure the safety and security of the people. If you are earning money, then Saudi must learn how to keep the business safe by spending some money for the golden goose. They have totally failed to ensure that. It was nothing like a surprise, they have given visa for this total number of people and they knew that how many people are going to come for hajj. They must have made all the safety arrangement for the people. This is not for the first time, this sort of accident took place. Unfortunately, they are so complacent as this ritual cannot be performed without being in their country that they have taken for guaranteed for people to come every year. This over confidence has day by day made Saudi authorities responsible for these deaths.

Respective governments from where pilgrims have traveled are also responsible for this death. Because, those governments have failed to ensure safety of their citizen’s lives before they travel. They must have inspect and examine and declare whether it is safe or not visit that country for this hajj ritual.

It is reported that 94 Bangladeshi pilgrims are missing till now. If these 94 pilgrims are dead in this incident which is still unfolding, then I will not be so surprised. Muslims of Bangladesh are so brain washed that they forget all their minimum right when the religious matters come in play. Bangladeshi government must seek for real answer from Saudi government for this incident. Bangladesh government must answer to the public for failing to ensure the safety of the citizens where they are visiting through government process. This government must take the responsibilities for the death of pilgrims and stand down from the government. They must also compensate the families enough so that they don’t face any difficulty for the death of their beloved ones. This must remain as an example for next government and I will suggest people not to go for hajj in future. Hajj is nothing but a death trap everyone.

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