It is time to fight the radical terrorists in Bangladesh and their source of funding

Everyone is going back their home town for celebrating Eid and that is the present scenario in Bangladesh at present. Everyone thinks that through the sacrifice of animal, they will fight against evil things of mind and gain trust of their God. This is the belief everyone carrying for generations. Almost same kind of belief are also available in other religions in Bangladesh. These events of celebration is now national celebration as most of the people in Bangladesh are religious. Now my question is to everyone that how much effective this event is going to please their God? Are they really going to fighting against the evil part of their mind and society? Lets discuss on some points and find out what actually it is.

This Eid is a huge platform for the politicians to bribe general public in their political area. New politicians, specially, want to show their power and money through sacrificing huge number of animals during this event. Is their God asked them to sacrifice so many animals unnecessarily? Well, if they really want to help people they must help the poor or people who need help. Our culprit politicians have never learned to fight their greediness and never will. Therefore, I don’t want to discuss much on this; rather I will suggest the general public not to attend their invitation for bribing in the name of Eid and cheat them. Thus public can show that they have refused these culprit politicians.

There are religious teachers and leaders in Bangladesh who force and try to motivate people for sacrificing more than one animal. Even they don’t spare the poor. Because, they have already established this practice that animals must be sacrificed through them. So that these religious teachers and leaders can earn money through their involvement in slaughtering animals. They are so shameless that they even ask people to handover animal skin and meat to them for free. Simple minded people are scared to deny their request in a sense that if they deny they will be sent to hell as these religious teachers and leaders are liked by God. But these simple people do not know that these religious teachers are the main trainer of the radical terrorists of Bangladesh. These religious teachers and leaders raise fund by selling these animal skins which they collect during this event to fund the activities of radical terrorist organisation of Bangladesh. These culprit people even don’t spare to collect fee for slaughtering animals. People are cheated on this day and without knowing the truth, they are funding radical terrorist activities in Bangladesh.

After and before the Eid prayer, every mosque collects money from all the people who attend the Eid prayer. Now, most number of people attend this prayer even those who don’t say regular prayer. People normally have extra money to spend during Eid and they donate huge amount of money after and before the prayer on this day. If you try to calculate the total amount collected on this day will be not less than a billion. This whole amount of money is collected and spent without any monitoring or regulation and they collect this amount just in a day. If you think who needs billion money? individuals? No, organisations? Yes. You may argue that mosques may need money to run operations. But let me inform you that every mosque in the country collect money every Friday before and after Jumma prayer; besides they receive donations regularly directly and indirectly. So, in no way, mosques are need of billions of money every year. Unfortunately, this billions of money are used to finance directly and indirectly for radical terrorists organisations in Bangladesh.

Have you ever seen any radical organisation in Bangladesh to raise fund publicly like other charity organisations or parties? If no, then how do they run their organisation? Do you think they are not doing anything and their activities require money? Then from where their funding is coming. Well, they are funded internationally, but that international funding is partial. Their funds are locally collected through this sort of donation collected through religious leader, teachers, mosques; this sort of national events are the main source of big fund collection.

Fighting against radical terrorist organisations is actually the duty of the government and law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh. Unfortunately government have failed to ensure that. Therefore public have to do something to fight against these banned organisations and organisations who are radical and not banned. If we stop these donation during the Eid days and in mosque, at least we can cut their biggest local funding sources and thus we can weaken them. If we really want to help people then we can donate through charities which are regulated properly.

My request to everyone, forget about this failed government and take all the necessary steps to stop donations during Eid celebration. Those who are educated, as you are going back to your home town try to educate people on how to identify radical extremist groups. Take this opportunity to fight radical terrorists in Bangladesh and their source of funding.

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