Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) is now turned into a terrorist organisation

attack on teacher

Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) is the affiliate student wing of Awami League (AL). It is the oldest political wing of political parties in Bangladesh. BCL is day by day turning into a terrorist organisation due to its corruption and greedy leaders. Student leaders are very much interested to earn wealth now a day, instead of working for the students or public.

Before few years, Sheikh Hasina denied the position of it’s Chairperson due to BCL’s activities. There were no corrupt activities where BCL members and leaders were not involved. They have forgot their principles. They have become blind for the greed of looting money from corrupt sources. They have attacked so many innocent people, opposition leaders, government official in this process. There were lots of pressure on BCL to correct themselves and bring their earlier glory. When Sheikh Hasina returned as their Chairperson, I hoped that at least now they will remain in the right path. Unfortunately, that was just nothing but eye wash to the public.

Recently, Awami Students attacked teachers who were protesting in Sylhet Shahjalal University of Science and Technolody. None of the teachers were violent; funny thing is most of the teachers there are the followers of Awami League. Teachers were stunned by the attacked and felt ashamed that they were attacked by student members of BCL.

This day was one of the most shameful days in the history of Bangladesh. It shows that none are safe in Bangladesh and none has got the right of freedom of speech & protest. This government has taken an oath that they will not tolerate anything against them what so ever. This incident is the right example of that. Today Sheikh Hasina suggest BCL to uproot weeds from BCL in a programme at Dhaka. She has also suggested to follow the ideals and principles of BCL. Another hypocrisy by Sheikh Hasina to fool general public. Sheikh Hasina using this goons of BCL to stop everyone who are against her and speaking of good things in public functions to give an impression that she is against this attacks.

I don’t know what Gonojagoron moncho is doing on this issue. They should have protested against this cowardly act by BCL. And where are other student wings of other political parties? Are they dead? or They are kept silent by the fear of harrasement. This government has almost come to the peak of their dictatorship, now they need to fall. Public of Bangladesh has already denied them in last national election. AL has patronized BCL all along for corruption, attacks and killings to keep AL leaders free from any allegation. Innocent students who are recuited as member of BCL, has no idea what they are going to face in future. Unfortunately when they understand, they are unable to come out of this trap.

Students politics is good and many countries in the world are promoting this to build leadership quality in young generation. But in the context of Bangladesh, student politics has shown its true colour of wrong sides. It needs to be banned or huge correction needed urgently. Sheikh Hasina must remember that these students are not slave, they are children of some else. Therefore, don’t play political games using them.


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