Eve teasing, no more a social crisis but a curse

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Eve teasing is the most talked topic now a day. If you are a girl and go outside I am sure you cannot have a single day without experiencing irritating comment of those mean minded boys. There is a common thinking that uneducated guys used to do this heinous crime of teasing, as they have no education. But quite disappointedly it is found that not only uneducated boys but also the student of colleges and universities are found in committing the heinous crime of eve teasing. Of course this is really shameful to any educated people.  When I see a student of university used to tease a girl, my heart breaks down. I asked myself with a burden of deep pain if I am a boy, would I do eve teasing? I am just panicked thinking all about these!

It is more disgusting for me, when I see someone fingering at women’s dress as responsible for the mal treatment to them.  This is nothing just a matter of great shock indeed for any civilized nation when they finger at women’s dress not at their wrong attitude or behavior to women.  More shockingly you find that maximum women fingering at women’s cloth along with men. They said if women are dressed up properly, they would not have to had victim of eve teasing. Well, let’s accept their logic for once.  Now I would like to question to that women and men who consider women dress responsible for the maltreatment to them that why the girl’s who put on proper clothes , or cover their body with adequate clothes and also those young female children who has not being become a girl yet physically , have to face this problem? Why do they? Do you have any answer of my questions? I am sure you will not have any and I also know that the problem is not on dress but in thought. If you have good thinking, well values you will not behave like that. You would respect women and restrain yourself from doing such crime and of course you would also protest if any of your friend did so.  And yes this is what a true man does!

I always think that if I do harm to anybody somebody will harm you. In the same way if I don’t respect others women, tease them someone will do it with my mother, sister and wife.  This is high time to be aware now. Wake up  your sleeping angel into you and change the society around you. I also asked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to take necessary action in this regard. She is a girl, so she does have that feeling and respect to that girls. Please take necessary action in this regard and ensure a secure environment for the women in our beloved country and free we women society  from that curse .

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