Isn’t it double standard personality in Islam?

double faced islam

Allah is ours Muslim only. He is the one who just listen to Muslim who are follower of Islam only and all the blessings are allotted for the Muslim.  That’s what one of the Islamist leader of a religious group said yesterday while I was talking to him over phone. He is not any one of my close circle. I just had met him couple of times because of some professional work.  He seemed quite simple when I met him.  I was so surprised when I was listening to him. Is he the same guy whom I met? I never thought of that he would speak in that way.  You may be thinking I have blind trust on him. Actually it is not like that. The real fact is much deeper.  Like me you will be surprised why I do think so.  I am telling you how I met him.

Our introduction is in a joint meeting of Rotary club. He is the one who spoke really well in every meeting; even his activity is really praise worthy.  He sings well, a good debater, and of course a good speaker, who has amazing compelling tone to convince anyone. In our first meet up, he was giving a speech on women empowerment and equality. He emphasized on importance of women’s work and the women is no more inferior to women rather they are companion to man in every single step of men. He also said that, no matter what our religion is , and what our cast, we are all human being and this is our identity.

I think like me you are also spell bounded by this speech. Like me you started to think that if someone has that kind of nice thinking then we should not cherish any doubt about him. For that reason I started to respect him and sometimes talked to him non-casually.  Gradually in our conversation I found something different into him and that the guy who spoke in dias, though they are same guy.  The more I was getting closer to him the more I was panicked inwardly. For some conversation  I was quiet and kind of intrigued to let him talk much more so that I can know him better. But in one chat I cannot stop myself asking him question that-“why do you have different thinking in different places? In the stage you speak something and here is something?” He was surprised when I am asking this question, but I handled the situation quite smartly.  You will be more surprised when you heard his answer. The answer is – “ the world is a stage of drama. None here show the real one and smart people judge the situation and people around them and talk or behave remembering their preference. I am smart enough  that’s why I choose this option. In the stage I am a actor who talked on basing on listener’s interest and of course this is what take me more further and more successful. You are my dear one that’s why I am presenting myself, a real me to you. Hope you will not mind.”

 I was just dumb, could not say anything and in the mean time my call has dropped.

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