Maggi, a name of health threat and Bangladesh

maggi noddles


Maggi scam of India is touching Bangladesh now. The consumers of  Bangladesh almost stopped buying Maggi from the market suspecting the presence of lead in the product. Though the customers are suspecting about this product but still the authority is quite hopeful about Maggi food quality. Rather BSTI declared quite hurriedly after a quick lab test in last month, that Maggi is not containing any harmful chemical like Lead.

On the other Hand, Nestle Bangladesh is advertising more and more and has announced special offer on the Maggi product like: buy three get one free, or special discount offer on family pack in social media and television channel. They are also running free campaign of free Maggi advertisement in the school. But the guardians of students especially women, seemed reluctant to those free Maggi noodles campaign. While talking to few of those women said, its true Bangladesh has not banned Maggi, but we have doubt of containing Lead in the product.”

On the other hand, the selling of the Maggi from super shop to local shop is reducing very low. While talking to a local shopkeeper of Bohoddarhat area, Chittagong  said, customers stopped buying Maggi noodles. I have heard that Maggi contained harmful chemicals in India, customers are suspecting to contain same chemicals. Though the Maggi’s marketing squad is frequently rushing to our shop and offering free packet on marketing promotion basis. But we are refusing due to customer disinterest to buy Maggi or noodles of other company.

After contacting with regular Maggi consumer family, the family head Mrs Anowara expressed her dissatisfaction about the product. She appealed the concerned authority to do proper lab tests of the Maggi noodles. She expressed her concern and said, I suppose, Maggi will prove the same as well as India. She also urged to contraband Maggi in Bangladesh and damages all the Maggi products in Bangladesh for the safety of the public health.

Side by side, BSTI has tested some product along with Maggi . They are  New Zealand Dairy’s ‘Doodles’, Kallol Thai Food’s ‘Mama’, Ifad Multi Product’s ‘Ifad Eggy’ and  ‘Mister’ marketed by Pran Group’s concern Natore Agro.  Quite unexpectedly the result was not positive, it means in Bangladesh Maggi  and others noodles are safe and there is no harmful chemical.

 I am afraid how far the test is reliable or is that show off of test or something to befool our naïve Bangladeshi. May be that is why the Nestle Bangladesh Company is advertising more and more, so that they can save themselves from unwanted loss.  On the other hand, BSTII has poor lab system, what is not adequate for proper lab test of any product. Moreover, it is quite natural here in Bangladesh everything can be sold by bribe. The giant corporate group can buy safe food test result through money and power. I asked authority’s heartiest concern in this regard for the safety of our innocent people’s health.

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