Political role in conspiracy of destroying the religious harmony before independence of Bangladesh and after independence of Bangladesh (Part-End)

conspiracy indepence bangladesh hasina khaleda

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is brought to jail of Pakistan by arresting in the rebellious case of state. Other leaders with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman left the country and provisional government was formed. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman could leave the country with other leaders but he did not do so. Because he was actually waiting to be arrested to make general people motivated against the West Pakistan and was arrested.

By leadership of the then Major Ziaur Rahman, a few number of army declared their rebel at Chittagong. Subsequently Major Ziaur Rahman first mentioning himself president announced the independence which subsequently announced on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by revision. Both the announcement was heard by the people through radio all over then East Pakistan. Some acknowledge or some do not acknowledge; general people who were fallen in stalemate, through independence announced by Ziaur Rahman, they got a guideline. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not on ground to guide the people through the war. Then there was nothing left for Pakistani government to use the military power against that rebellion as a last resort. Our neighbour country was looking for the opportunity to take part in this war to make division of Pakistan as a permanent one. Because they were well aware of the fact that general people of East Pakistan could not win singly against the Pakistan. As part of their planning, through conspiracy, Yahia Khan was brought to the power of Pakistan in the mean time, by driving out Ayub Khan. Yahiya Khan was a man of weak heart, they were very well aware of that if Ayub Khan was in power, conspiracy is prepared with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in East Pakistan, will never be successful. Back in 1969, with conspiracy of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and through public movement by student leaders of the then university of Dhaka that conspiracy was formulated to achieve the final goal. To give its full formation in 1971, the Indian Army stepping advance to take part at faced war in Bangladesh. During the war, institutional and combat power of organisations like Albadar, Razakar, Alshams is still in question. In any war, military members died, it is natural. But in war of liberation of Bangladesh many general people along with the military members died in both sides; but children, old and many women were tortured. Now question is that who tortured them? Pakistani and freedom fighters were engaged in freedom fight. Then who were interested in torturing general public who were not engaged in war. Indian army and as per the conspiracy of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a group of people were engaged in this torture to gain sympathy support for them against Pakistan. As a result, they were able to recruit good number of general public as rebel fighter.

Bangladesh saw the victory after 9 months’ war. On that day Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not present in the place where Pakistani defeated soldiers surrendered. He was imprisoned in the VIP jail of West Pakistan and unfortunately became father of the nation without facing enemy during the war time. To me and many more, he is considered not even as freedom fighter. The funny thing is that nobody knows the history of that confinement still. When the victory of Bangladesh declared, standing in the Indian parliament Indira Ghandi told in pride “thousand years’ revenge taken”. Question arises, is this the liberation war for which Bangladeshi people are proud of? Was it a leberation war only between Bangladesh and Pakistan or was it the fight between India & Pakistan under the conspiracy of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The victory of independence did not come to Bangladesh. It came to India rather. The peace and goal achieved by conspirators in Muslim rules before thousand years (mentioned in part one), same peace and goal achieved by Indira Ghandi government by destroying development in Pakistan and by breaking it into parts to weaken this competitor. So through that war in 1971 the scene of their communal and radical nature was exposed bitterly in this region. After the winning in the liberation war, Sheikh Mujibur became attentive in the reconstruction of Bangladesh. We all know already that instead of saying three lac martyrs, he said in English three million and used this word. Because in English there is no synonym of word ‘lac’. So till today we remain singing instead of three lac, thirty lac.

Post War Sheikh Mujibur Rahman came to sense and began to think that he was a president of sovereign country why will he be guided by others? and his this sort of bold step was not observed with good sense by communal radical groups who had been patronising him so far for all those conspiracy. He tried to clarify his own position as a Muslim; to prove that he joined OIC and as a result Saudi Arabia recognized Bangladesh. Inside the country repression was continued by many para-military forces formed by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman upon other religious minded people except Muslims. Under these circumstances many Hindus who went to India as refuges during liberation war did not dare to come back Bangladesh, their homeland today even passing 44 years of independence, their fear has not yet been ended. Consequently still they have been forming their economic infrastructure in India instead of within Bangladesh, their communal frightening has not yet been vanished. Many intelectuals were forced to leave the country or embressed death by the hand of those para military forces. Common people of Bangladesh were never happy over the rule and misrule of Awami League after the indepence of Bangladesh and taking this oppportunity some Pakistani minded people joining with some military prersonnel formed a party. This is the section of people who planned to kill Sheikh Mubur Rahman in 1975. This killing plan was conveyed to Ziaur Rahman. Ziaur Rahman said nothing either yes or no about the organization of the plan in a tricky way. Ziaur Rahman had a shock not being appointed as a Army Chief after the liberation war though he had distinct role during the war. But Ziaur Rahman seconded the killing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and did not make any obstruction against this killing. It is a fact that Ziaur Rahman knew the plan of killing Sheikh Mujibur Rahman before happening it. Post killing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the 15 August 1975, Ziaur Rahman came to lime light. By that fime in Bangladesh, two types of idea were created. One was formed with Pakistani mined people along with high ranking military officers – their principle was Bangladesh nationalism and another was Awami League along with its component organizations – their principle was Bangalaee nationalism. The nation was divided into two sections. There was no lack of conspirators to blow the fire. Conspirators took the advantage of those divisions so that after the liberation war, the fragile Bangladesh could never stand socially, economically and politically so that Bangladesh could never be a prosperous country. Then Bangladesh was divided into joy Bangla & Bangladesh Zindabad. Ziaur Rahman implemented martial laws and later on arranged a referendum referring to yes or no with a view to snatching the power of the country, arranging referendum of yes or no as a chief martial law administration, the result will be yes, all knew that. Through this yes vote Ziaur Rahman captured the supreme post of state. Being president, he formed a political party named ‘Jagodal’ which was not known to all of which total name was national democratic party. Simultaneously Ziaur Rahman was the president and army chief of Bangladesh. Zia’s blunder was his appointment of Hossain Mohammad Ershad as the Army Chief. Within one year of his appointment as army chief under the evil design of Hossain Mohammad Ershad, Ziaur Rahman was killed in Chittagong Circuit house. Cunning Ershad blamed the then commanding officer of Chittagong Armed forces division for Zia’s killing totally. Next Ershad killed colonel Monjur. In this regard, Ershad claimed his innocence and through the coup De’ ta, he captured the power of Bangladesh. Afterwards, Ershad flourished as autocrat in the presidentship of Bangladesh for almost nine years. During the reign of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman communal conflicts increased, consequently Hindu, Budha, Christian even Muslims were obstructed in preachment of their religion. During Ziaur Rahman and Ershad intensity of communality was warning to normal. This development made the conspirator upset. As a result, they decided to remove Ershad from the power and entry of Sheikh Hossain and Khaleda Zia happened in the political arena. With the planning, economic assistance of the couspirators, within a few days’ movement, Ershad stood aside from his power. Though Ershad was termed as despotic during his reign, developments were significant in Bangladesh in the field of administration of zilla-upazilla and legal arena including the development of economical infrastructure of all the sectors that was not the same during any other government of Bangladesh. Communication in remote corner of rural area of Bangladesh saw rapid development. In this consequence of development, Ershad was made to step down which reminds me the conspirecy and reason of deviding Pakistan in 1971. After Ershad, some times Awami league and some times BNP unitarily or in alliance came to power in Bangladesh. During the rule of both the political parties including election time, communal turmoil-riots became regular practice and looted political gain. Actually internal-external conspirators of Bangladesh never liked to see Bangladesh as prosperous country. For this reason, using sensitive religion as weapon toward people of Bangladesh, turmoil and unrests are provoked when there was no issue for creating movement issue. Government forces attacking on the minority, the ruling party lays the blame on the opponent political party. Again, with the ruling party’s patronize, the radical organizations are evolved. Though, government wants to say, if they remain in power, it will be possible to overcome from these terrorist organizations.

What is happening now in Bangladesh is, history is repeated. Sheikh Hasina is acting like her father. She has become a dictator. So called democracy in Bangladesh is only limited within documents. Human rights and freedom of speech is fully vanished from Bangladesh. She wants to form one pollitical party country as like her father. If you are not follower of Awami League, you will be treated as enemy of the country. You will be harrased with police case, warrant and so on. She is cheating her position against the country and she is not even supported within her political party; but none can say a word against her due to fear of loosing political post and position. If anyone analyse the current situation in Bangladesh, he will find that this is the worst time in political history Bangladesh is going through. Sheikh Hasina has become worse than her father and none is dare of enough to say a word against her; not even the opposition leaders.

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