Political role in conspiracy of destroying the religious harmony before independence of Bangladesh and after (Part-01)

conspiracy in muslim ruling

Before I start writing on today’s subject matter, I would like to express my heart to the evil power who are engaging themselves threatening people working for humanity that since the birth of earth, evil power never won. Always good and humanity won. Those who are working for upgrading the status of the culture and building good relationship among religions, please keep doing what you are doing and don’t be afraid of extremists whoever they are.

Now, If we want to say the discussing matter, it needs to start since the period of coming of religion Islam in then Indian subcontinent. Since the period of Mohammad Bin Kashem, Islam religion started to grow in Indian sub-continent. Approximately about one thousand years ago, Islam appeared in this area. Muslim rulers ruled about seven hundred years in Indian subcontinent before the British period. Actually this ruling period of Muslim has not been run based on the Islamic ruling system. Islami governance is basically according to Islami Shariah and political philosophy but the governance which was ruled then in Indian subcontinent is just led by the Muslim rulers, not the Islamic ruling system. Therefore most of our idea on Muslim emperors and Islamic ruling system for those seven hundred years is not actually correct. Since this Muslim ruling period, till before British period, Hindu-Muslim-Buddha-Christian altogether have ruled different areas under the Muslim rulers in different important posts. First few years of that period had a history of religious harmony and would do everything through religious understanding. No such perception took place then through which king and inhabitants could realize that any conspiracy is possible within the people of different communities who are living together. Rather communalism did not exist among them and they did not sense any effort to approach different religion separately. In that period there were no sign of conspiracy to make clash and war among different kings and communities by capitalizing the religion. The prominent historical writer R N Roy has written on Indian subcontinent that in the period of Muslim rulers, there was a religious harmony existed in then Indian subcontinent. In this case, we can quote the ruling period of emperor Shahjahan as an example. Different Muslim rulers have repressed conspirators strictly for destroying the religious consistency. Those conspiracies have been prevented by diplomatic foresee. Many times Muslim rulers took decision or step against Islami Shariah. As a result, though some Muslims inhabitants were dissatisfied, but all other religious inhabitants became pleased. For these steps, they were enabled to rule people of all religions for seven hundred years.

In the period of Muslim regime, many foreign traders with British appeared in Indian subcontinent as trader in order to trade from many countries. During that time, local traders involved themselves with political conspiracy in interest of fund and partnership of foreign business. They started becoming courageous to affect the religion and social harmonious environment. They tried to make Hindu community understand that Muslims are ruling Hidus, Muslims are kings – Hindus are inhabitant. They tried to make the Hindu Community understand that Indian sub continent was only for the Hindu where the Muslim rulers forcefully grabbed the ruling system and power. They have been instigated against the religious harmony. They continued to convince the Hindus that Hindus were nation of king before, now they convereted into the nation of inhabitant.

In different spaces in history, the role of foreign traders has been tried to established behind this conspiracy. But actually, some dishonest greedy local conspirators are the main leaders of destroying the religious and social harmony in this Indian subcontinent. They were showing allurement of the money to the general people and bound to involve them with conspiracy differently. General people’s dreaming ambition gave influence to get involved with clash and chaos. As a result, the structure of Muslim ruler started to weaken. In this scope, all these conspirators began to establish seperate political and economical structure. Gradually high caste Hindu and kings were enabled to understand by the conspirators that if Hindus remain with the conspirators, all the political and economic al facilities will be given to Hindus to turn the Muslims into inhabitants. Number of conspirator, power and supply of fund started to increase so much for the conspirators within a short period of time that this was treated as sufficient for declaring war against the Muslim rulers. Muslim rulers gradually started to get the fear of these conspiracies and were shaken. Influencing the Muslim rulers against the Hindu community, conspirators were succesful in their first step and that was a major step. In the ruling structure of Muslim rulers, people of different religions were responsible for different posts. This conspiracy took a serious form after few years and the persons responsible to the posts in Muslim ruling structure got themselves involved with conspiracy against each other. At that time Hindu and Muslim became divided into two parts fully and religious communalism took a serious form.

The same position was also existing within the Muslim rule of the then Bangla parallaly. At that time, by leadership of Mir Zafor, Muslim conspirators started to become organized and Hindus began to organize conspiracy by leadership of Roy Durlav and Jagat Sheth. On the other hand, general patriotic Hindu-Muslims remained united as earlier. But they could not build up any opposition with their unity. This conspirator community won by taking the chance of simplicity and unconsciousness of general people. Same condition started to take place all over Indian subcontinent. Under those circumstances, domestic and overseas traders became scared for doing business in such an environment. Consequently social, economical and religious harmony started to break down and Muslim rulers failed against the conspiracy started by local traders by igniting religious clash among religions and destroying harmonious environment.

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