Never Ending Crisis: Corruption

bribery in bangladesh

Empty stomachs and dry lips are everywhere. People begging for money just to satisfy their hunger and thirst, to feed their young ones and for a meal even just once a day. These situations are clear signs where poverty exists. Poverty which is clearly attributed to corruption, a common word that became an integral part of the life of every man and woman in the world.

Corruption has become not a surprising problem in every country, yet a very depressing one. It is a viral disease that infects everyone else. A common, yet unsolved crisis. But the question is, where does corruption begin from? The root of corruption is greediness and it began at home, where young ones steal money from their parents’ pocket. This act is the simplest form of corruption itself. This can be developed into what we called our second home – school where cheating, lying and any form of hostile for the young minds lies at hand. These acts can be practiced in the workplace where greediness comes to its peak and becomes the source of happiness for the greedy ones and corrupted minds. Then finally, this greediness inflicts to a larger victim who are the people in the society through stealing taxes, funds, money which are intended for the country and its jurisdiction.

Whatever we may conclude about the root of corruption, only one thing is certain, corruption lies in the mind, heart, and soul of those people who have lost their conscience to look at the results of what they have done. Whatever we may say and whatever we may do, corruption cannot be stopped. People were born with corrupt characteristic and will die with the same.

No one is exempted. No country is free from it. Not even a country like Bangladesh. Bangladesh, tagged as the land of the rivers as it is dominated by the world’s largest delta called the Bengal Delta. It is a unitary parliamentary republic with an elected parliament called ‘Jatiyo Sangshad’. Throughout, the country has achieved significant strides in human and social development since the country’s independence. These developments include gender equity, universal primary education, food production, wealth and population control. However, even with these developments of the country, Bangladesh has been facing and experiencing tremendous political and economic crisis which is corruption.

According to the Transparency International Report (TIR), Bangladesh has been ranked as the 14th most corrupt country in the global graft index for the year 2015. It has been identified that political and administrative influences are the key reasons behind the worsened situation of the country. Moreover, as clearly identified by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), corruption in Bangladesh is widespread and covers all areas of the society, where police and the judicial system are perceived by the public as the most corrupt and four percent of poor people’s incomes are lost to corruption. The SIDA’s statement clearly implies that always the poor are hit the hardest by corruption itself.

Government corruption began to erupt by the investigation made at the time of Fakhuddin Ahmed in the year 2007. He became the interim head of the government and opened a broad corruption investigation, which resulted in the imprisonment of dozens of prominent officials, the seizure of luxury vehicles and the freezing of bank accounts. With the crisis that Bangladesh experienced, people are still hopeful that this viral disease which in a form of corruption will end and will soon have clear and certain solutions. No one alone can fix this challenge. Everyone must work hand and hand, the leaders and the members, in order to eliminate the virus which is widespread throughout the country of Bangladesh.

For all the corrupt individuals, throw away your greediness, clean your heart and soul and give light to those people who have been living in the darkness because of the viral disease you have inflicted to them. Give them the justice they deserve.

To corrupted individuals, may God forgive your souls ! 

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