Bangladesh Biman: does not represent religious and other nationals equality

Bangladesh biman service

I was coming abroad for visiting and I was coming by Bangladesh Biman, national aircraft service of Bangladesh. During my travel I was surprised to observe that Bangladesh Biman which is representing Bangladesh, does not provide facilities and other information for all the religions and other nationals equally. It seemed like, only Muslims are travelling in that flight.

It was flying in an international route and people from different countries and different religions were travelling in that flight. Unfortunately, the importance given for Muslims does not reflect the equal tendency towards other religions. There were few points I will highlight which I observed during my travel, there may be more.

Food served is based on the needs of Bangladeshi Muslims, there was a menu for vegetarians. Rice was the main part in their foods. Now, if someone does not eat rice or even never ate rice before, then how that person will survive during that long travelling time? I don’t know actually. Is it because of the ticket price? I don’t think so. Because it was same in all the classes of that flight. Wine was not allowed during the flight. Well it is totally understandable, if the case is within Bangladesh, but what about other nationals who are travelling? They don’t practice the same as like Bangladeshi Muslims. As an international flight, Bangladesh Biman was supposed to be a place which provides foods for all nationals to choose from, but which was not available.

All the announcement made was biased by Muslim beliefs only. Well, if you want to provide and practice Muslim noms, do it; but Biman should have included prayers of other religions with their announcements at the starting, during and finishing of the flight. Did other religions’ traveler paid less for the ticket or did they signed any agreement to be avoided during their journey with Biman before boarding? Shame. Biman authority should have looked into these matters well before. It does not represent as a national aircraft service of a secular country which normally told.

In inflight information, many information of the journey route was available which was appreciated. But it was showing the direction of qibla. Why? If a Muslim wants to pray, he/she knows which direction they need, as there was a compass in the in-flight information. I am  against this biasness of Bangladesh Biman for a particular religion. Did they provide any information related to other religions, I don’t think so.

As a national service provider, Bangladesh Biman should have been equal to all the religions and nationals so far their service is concern. Specially in an international flight, they should have set the international standard represented by other international aircraft service provider. This may be one of the reason why Bangladesh Biman is losing their business around the world for last decades. Bangladesh government must look into this matter and take immediate correction needed; otherwise they must post a sign in aircraft labeling ” Bangladeshi Muslims only”.

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