What it is? Love or poison?

poisoned love

 “Give me one more chance, please. I will be good for you. Please, don’t leave me babe.” Farhan pledged to Ruma and kept on crying. But Ruma is quiet silent even she has no reaction with this. Because this is not first time she is seeing Farhan in that way. Every time he did the same job after beating Ruma.

“I am extremely sorry Babe. Last night I was too mad, I do not know what did I do at night. Please forgive me this time. I will never repeat this mistake. Please, please don’t leave me that way. I can’t live without you. You mean a lot to me. You are my world. Without you I am nothing actually.” Ruma can’t stop herself seeing her love that way. She says, get up and its ok. I am forgiving you and it is your last chance. If you ever dare to repeat the same mistake I will never forgive you. I will leave you forever. I am not burden to my parents. They can take care of me.”

“Ok babe, I promise I will never hurt you, or speak ill of you.” Ruma smiles quite forcibly by hiding her pain. Farhan gets up and quite tightly hug her and says,” Love you babe, you are really my sweet heart. Don’t leave me please.” Ruma says , “Ok, I wont, but please don’t hug me too tightly now. It’s hurting me really.” Oh Sorry, I hurt you there, then quite caringly he took Ruma with him to the divan and apply some ointments on the wound of her body. Ruma looked at Farhan and forget everything that happened last night.

It is 22 June, 2015 after a month of this incident. Ruma is hanging a rope with the fan. She is talking herself that please forgive me God. I can’t tolerate it anymore. I love Farhan that why I eloped with him. But I have no way now. I can’t go back to my parents as I hurt them. May be I could go to my parents, but I know you are not in this condition to maintain my bear up. If I come back what will happen to my little sisters? What will you answer to the people? It will be better if I leave the world.”

Ruma came up with the hard decision after last night. Again Farhan beaten her and it was quite badly this time. May be Farhan won’t be change so let leave the hope of being happy. Finally Ruma hang up with fan. With an agonized heart she left the world.

When Farhan came at home it was late night. He was astonished while seeing Ruma hanging up with the fan. He was too astonished and quite sorrowfully said, “Babe, this time you don’t give me a chance to apologize.”

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