Take effort: please stop killing people

human trafficking

Sobur Ali, a 22 years guy, lives in Comilla. He has a big family of eight members, his parents, three younger sisters and two younger brothers. His father is the only earning member of the family. As an elder son he also contributes his family by manual labor. But he could not manage any permanent job. Everyday poverty grasps their life slowly, as stuck by the essential’s price hike.

Once Sabur Mia decided to do better something to support his family, but what else can be done. One day, he met one of his neighbors who worked in Malaysia. He suggested him to go Malaysia as there is good job opportunity for Bangladeshi employers. He ensured Sobur that he can earn much and so that his family can live well. He asked to manage an amount of 1 lakh . He ensured Sobur that he will manage both job and journey cost.

Poor Sobur had no savings, so he consulted with his father. He agreed to sell his only small pieces of land. Finally Sobur left for Malaysia with the dream of making his family free from hardship. But destiny played a cruel game with his life. He stuck at human trafficker’s hand. He started living a hellish life in the dark jungle of Thailand with hunger, fear and physical assault.

This is a symbolic picture of the thousands of over wretched Bangladeshi nationals which figure may be not figured exactly as there is no record actually in any government register. However it may exceed 3 lakhs as per as Time Magazine and the British Daily Guardian sources. Most of the human smugglers never stopped killing people.

It is found in query that once Malaysia was one of the biggest labour markets for Bangladesh. But it is shut down almost. Only a number of seven thousands Bangladeshis were sent to Malaysia through the government in last three years. But in last few months it was about to close. As alternative options they adopt the unsafe route to rush abroad.  By doing so they put themselves in the more danger-in the clutch of the human traffickers. While they started their journey, they have beautiful dream for a solvent life. But see the irony of fate. All the hope, dream shattered when the stuck in the clutch of the human traffickers. Even no figures can be exactly found how much buried in the Thai jungle or how much drowned in the sea, until the fact of burying thousand over people is not revealed.

This is high time now that government should come forward to stop this illegal means to go Malaysia ,Thailand or other countries. They must maintain a tight security systems to stop these dangerous route of travel and encourage private sector recruiting agencies to ensure legal and valid manpower export.

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