Using Ramadan for capitalizing extra money by businessmen in Bangladesh

price hike during ramadan

A cluster of  so called businessmen are capitalizing extra money by storing the products which is very demanding during the month of Ramadan. For last one week, the market was quite normal. But all of a sudden, yesterday price went so high that general public could not purchase required food items from the market properly.

This is not the case for this year only. This has become a normal practice in Bangladesh market system. Government officials throw so many hopes and dreams of keeping the price reasonable before this month of Muslims. Unfortunately, they don’t do anything about it, during or after this Ramadan. It seems like, this is normal and general public, as Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country, fast for the month and tries to keep themselves patient on everything. Those culprit businessmen take this opportunity of people and earn profits which they could not make even in last eleven months in a year.

If I blame only the businessmen, that will not be fully truth. Law enforcement agencies are supposed to look after the market during the month of Ramadan whether products are sold within MRP. But they don’t do that. They are also part of this gang. They are bribed and they look over the matter. But they are the main tool of government to monitor the market and bring the culprits into justice.

Other government authorities who are responsible for keeping the products for Ramadan which are of high demand in maximum possible stock, intentionally not doing it. They are supposed to collect, purchase and if required import those products early to keep the stock ready for supply in the market during this month to keep the price normal. But they do two things, they don’t do their normal duty and whatever they collect or import, those products are of so low quality that their dealers don’t collect those products from them. As a result, the supply and demand does not remain equal during this month. Unfortunately, officials of these government authorities are bribed to do so by the big fish businessmen.

Overall responsibility goes to the government. Unfortunately whoever is in the government, it seems like they also want to earn some money during this time for their political party fund or personal funds. At the end of the day, general public of Bangladesh is suffering. Leaders of government and opposition do not face problems, because they have got more than enough wealth to purchase whatever the price is. But the poor guy who does have to care about the money spent for the purpose, suffers. Governments for last decades are converting the blood of the poor into money, even they did not spare this month of Ramadan.

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