Street Prince

child labor street prince

What is your name? My name is ‘Prince’ he answered with a sweet smile. Though his name is Prince, he seemed quite poor with a torn jeans and T- shirt, but he is street prince to him. The boy asking me with his sweet smile, “Do you need cleaning your car?” I said, “Yes, you can do it. But the road is too dusty. It will be again the same.”  While I was talking he already started cleaning my car.

While he was cleaning my car, I looked at him quite deeply and noticing his way of working. The boy is not more than 9 years according to his physical structure.  But the way he work he seemed quite expert in this profession. Even I was impressed when he was convincing me. He seemed like a professional executive of any leading company. This is really amazing and seemed quite unbelievable to me.

I met the boy while I was refilling air into the tire from vulcanizing stall in Oxyzen circle at Chittagong on 1st May. He seemed quite interesting to me, what pulls me to talk more with him. Quite affectionately I asked him, “Do you know the meaning of your name? “With his same appealing smile he said “Yes, I know. It means I am a son of king. My mother gave this name to me.” I asked him, “Where is your mother?”Prince says nothing just raised his finger indicating the sky. I said ‘sorry and what about your father?’ He was quiet and left a deep sigh. I could notice the pain into his eyes. Then quite affectionately I asked him, “With whom do you live? Prince with a very confident tone said, Sir, there is no fixed place to live in. I sleep anywhere where I get place after my work, in footpath, mosque anywhere! I asked him again, “Do you clean car only, or do something or else? There is no fixed job for me. I do what I get. Sometimes I clean car, sometimes I clean shoes or sometimes I carry shopping bag.”

I saw the little boy so deeply and feel kind of touched with him. My heart grew with a desire to take him with me. But my limitation stopped me to taking him with me. May be he also would not wanted to come with me. I guess he had no wish to get captured into the four walls. He is really a “Prince” and rule the city street in his own way.

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