Dowry: the silent killer

social crime dowry

Ummay Habiba: Mira, the only daughter of Mr. Nurul Amin, a government service holder,has got married recently.  Mr Amin did his best to bid his only daughter. Once his wife died, Mira is the only mean of her life. He pampered her always, and never let her feel any pain or any crisis. He tried to manage everything that he can afford.  On the other hand, Mira was also very much matured. She never asked anything from her father unnecessarily. They are friend rather than being father- daughter. No matter what they feel, share with each other . they are always being the best support for each other. In the wedding day, Mr Amin seemed losing his life when he bid Mira, the precious thing of his life to Polak. This is the reality of life, so there is nothing else to accept it.

Mira was happy with her husband and laws for few months.But once something happened that hurts her much. She saw her mother in law and father to whispering something. She didn’t want to listen to someone whispering as her personality stops it. But she stuck while they are talking about her father, Mr. Amin. They were discussing about asking some money from Mira’s father. She was surprised when she heard it. She could not believe her own ear. Especially, these words when her mother in law saying, “we didn’t ask anything as dowry but it did not mean that Mira’s father won’t give us anything. Mira’s father is government official, so he had his enough as saving. We all know how handsome a government officer can earn per month as extra.” Mira became quiet from that moment. Ever smiling, jolly Mira didn’t utter a single word. She discussed with her husband Polok at that night about that matter. She thought she will get support from her husband, but when Polok said, “What wrong did they say? You are only daughter of your father. What he belongs is yours. I don’t see any problem here.” Mira was shocked and hurt badly. After that the inhuman torture started from Mira. At the beginning they just taunted her but later they started to torture her physically to ask money from her father. Her in laws don’t ask money from Mr. Amin directly because it will be in the record as clue. Day by day the torture is added its highest limit. But Mira is determined yet and never told anything to her father. Because she knew that he had nothing after the expenses of her marriage except the house. If she asks him money, he must sell his house, what his only possession in his entire job life for the sake of   his daughter happiness. But where will he go then? All these things are killing Mira slowly.

One day, the torture was so severe that she cannot tolerate it. That time Polok was beating her cruelly though he knew that she is pregnant. Mira screamed ‘please don’t beat me.’ I am pregnant. My child will be aborted. But Polok was not in that sense to listening to Mira and stopped when he tired of beating her. Mira was left alone in the floor; she does not know how long she was senseless. She is groaning and trying to get up. She looked at the watch, it was 3 am. Quite slowly, she walked through the washroom, and stand just at shower. She switched on the tap and tried to wash away all the pain that Polok gave her. They had affair marriage and never thought Polok could be such barbarous animal and feel sorry for her upcoming child. Can she manage a secured life for her baby? What will Mira do now? Yes, she has enough strength yet to deal with that nonsense and of course she can defeat them all. A golden ray of hope and strong determination just peep at her mind. May be the tomorrow will be another new beginning of her life.

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