Women Just say ‘I am great as always’

police harassing women

How inhumanly it is! How brutal it is! Is physical assault to any woman could be expected from any member of law enforcing agencies? Of course not! But quite unfortunately it happened by police on  May 11 while a group of students under the banner of the Bangldesh Chatra Union, arranged protest rally to seize DMP Bhaban, in Dhaka protesting the sexual assault near TSC on Pahela Baishak, the Bangla New Year.What was her fault? She was just demanding justice for the girls who became victim of sexual assault in Pahela Boishak. She was here for women right and freedom but see the play of the fate! She becomes the victim. But this times no miscreants; rather he was the member of law enforcing agencies.

How come it possible! If someone appointed to establish law and peace in the society but quite unfortunately he violated the law through his inhumanly and brutal act to a woman. He was kicking and beating her, knocking her down on the pavement. May be he forgot that raising hands towards any woman is nothing just cowardness. As bi-footed human being, and living in the society, he must have his own family.  Of course he is someone’s son, husband, father and brother. Did he forget about those relationship to woman with what he is attached with? I cannot stop myself when I saw the video footage online, how he chased the girl to beat, and even when she was trying to hide behind a tree, he snatched her by bulling her hair, and started kicking and beating. It is just shameful!

What did she do that made up him so brutal? She just threw an earthen pot targeting an armored personnel carrier after police swooped on students who were protesting police failures to arrest the sex predators of the Pahela Boishak incident. Is that any big crime!! She was just seeking justice nothing or else! Or is that any big crime of seeking justice? If seeking justice is crime then what will women do now? Will they be confined again into the four walls? Will she stop raising her voice against the injustice done to her in her work , home or everywhere she goes.

May be it will be the best solution to protect herself from all these sexual assault done to her not only by the miscreants but also the honorable law enforcing agencies. No matter how intolerable it is or how hurting it is, just close the door and tolerate. If you raise voice you have to be hurt. So better be silent and cherish the pain. Nobody let know the story of your pain, assault. Just give a fake smile hiding your pain and say I am great as usual!!

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