One SalahUddin and Secret of arresting opposition political leaders

Secret of arresting opposition political leaders

Just before writing this article title – One Salahuddin and secret of arresting opposition political leaders, I was looking for accurate word for the Bangla word “গুম করা”. Unfortunately there are some words available in online dictionaries, but some how I was not quite satisfied with what I want to express. However, I don’t want to waste your time by discussing on that. Because the way our opposition leaders are kidnapped or arrested, whatever you want to call it, is not defined yet in the world.

So far many opposition political leaders are arrested or kidnapped by so called law enforcing agencies. Suffering family claims that their family member ie, the opposition leader is arrested by the law enforcing agencies, but when it goes public, law enforcing agencies denies these arrests completely. General public becomes so anxious about these incidents, but unfortunately forget these incidents after few months.

This is not the case only for the big opposition leaders, these arrest are taking place all over the country, but media is highlighting incidents of big opposition leaders and those are discussed only. Local leaders never return home, if they are arrested and denied by the law enforcement agencies regarding these arrest. They are murdered, because if they are returned or shown arrest then they will tell their secret story to the public.

We had a discussion with few people on how this is actually done. Few said, these are done by secret agency of government, other said by intelligence agencies of other countries. Now, arresting by intelligence agencies of other countries is not logical to me, because family members always claimed that leaders are arrested by local law enforcement agencies and never mentioned of presence of other nationals during any of these arrests. As a result, we are left with local secret agency. This is not also possible by the government, because there are followers in all levels and types of law enforcement agencies of opposition who will definitely know about this and will blow the whistle about it. So, secret agency, to me, not possible. Now, the question still remains, how this is done.

For the sake of argument, if we think about a team within law enforcing agencies, then we may find some logic and providing support to them by intelligence agencies of neighbouring countries may add more logic.

After ‘Mahmudur Rahman Manna and Khoka’ – controversial conversation Manna was arrested and as usual denied by law enforcement agencies. After raising voice and so much pressure from all over the country, government were bound to show him arrested. If he was arrested, then why hiding and denials from government and law enforcement agencies? Partial secret was out, when Manna was brought out and shown arrest. That is, there is a team within the law enforcement agencies who are doing these type of arrests by direct orders from very high officials.

I am not follower of opposition and same for the government. But as a person, Mr. Salahuddin of BNP is a man of manner and good behaviour. I have not seen him to behave like other monsters in politics, so I was surprised and shocked when he was arrested silently and denied by the law enforcement agencies, like the arrests before. His wife was communicating with both BNP and Awami league leaders and with media. One day, I discovered that name of our prime minister and Salahuddin’s wife is same, suddenly I felt in my heart that government may be soften at least for this similarity. Good luck he was announced found in Shilong in India after that. He is taking treatment and under trial in India, as he was found illegally there. Now, the questions what happened in between the arrest and finding him in India?

Salahuddin was arrested by team of law enforcement agency was under custody of RAB and this information was leaked the day before Salahuddin was found in Shilong. RAB did not want to take the responsibility for this incident and wanted to come out with an immediate solution. Salahuddin was smuggled through the Indian border into Shilong by Bangladeshi team of law enforcement agency and with support of foreign intelligence agency.

You may think, how do I know this? So simple, this is not a secret; everyone with political connections know in details on this even more than me. But it takes courage to say publicly. I am writing it, I don’t know what will happen to me. But someone has to say it.

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