‘Madam brand’ ego!- Indian Prime Minister’s Visit

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“To be or not to be.” -the most famous quote of Hamlet, what emphasizes his mental condition before killing his stepfather. Recently the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Bangladesh, where he scheduled to sign many important deals between two countries, Bangladesh and India. In the maiden of his two days state visit he met with some political party leaders and VVIP. But the meet between Khaleda- Modi was like Hamlet’s quote, whether it would be or not as it was not set in Modi’s schedule. But finally it happened, only surrendering to Khaleda Zia’s cordial effort, though it held for only ten minutes.

What did she get in the meeting that made her too much effort? In the leading Anondobazar Potrika, and some popular Delhi Media were making twisting news on her meeting with Modi. What happened in the meeting that they are getting fun stuff for news? Well, maybe this is because of her violation of political norms and protocol making complains to honorable guest against present ruling government and sought his interference to ‘restore’ democracy in Bangladesh.

Why did she do so? Begum Zia is the two times elected prime minister of Bangladesh. It is just matter of common sense that visiting premiere of India has no authority or right to ‘restore’ democracy in Bangladesh as it is a sovereign country. May be Modi was not interested that much to that meeting, that’s why he gave her time schedule after pre scheduled meeting the opposition leader of Bangladesh Rowshan Ershad, , JSD president Hasanul Hoq Inu MP and Worker’s Party leader Rashed Khan Menon MP. The former Prime Minister Begum Zia had to wait in the lobby for long time and she got only for ten minutes from Modi. As it was being late she took the note for discussion, but she forget discussing except condemning the ruling government Awami League. She earnestly requested Mr Modi’s interruption in restoring democracy in her country.

Did our former prime Minister forget that no other country’s Prime Minister has no right to establish democracy in her own country? Didn’t she get the time to think once what she is doing is nothing just making her down? How did her ego allow doing that? She forgets that condemning her opposition leader to another country’s Prime Minister can’t bring any honor for her; rather it will tarnish her from herreputation. Didn’t she think once what the leader of the other country think about her? By doing that she not only tarnished her own honor but also the honor of our country. As far as I know Begum Zia is so much concerned about her ego and so called prestige. I am afraid where it has lost that day when she was meeting with Indian Premiere Modi. Was she going to be crazy what makes her so much irresponsible or unconscious about her responsibility? Or her losing power and popularity from her own people, laid her so called madam brand ego at the ground!!

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