Islamic States Extremists are in Bangladesh: Role of Government

isis in Bangladesh

I was really surprised to know that extremists of Islamic States (ISIS) are in Bangladesh. Detective branch of Police has informed that they have arrested two of the extremists. If the news is true, then it is going to be a big issue for the safety and security of Bangladesh. Now it depends whether these arrested ISIS extremists are direct member of the organization or member of a local organization who are connection to the extremist organization.

Details are yet to be disclosed by the police, but lot to do from the part of the government on this. Last time, when Al-Qaeda leader spoke about their presence in Bangladesh, everyone including the government did not take that seriously; rather they responded that audio speech as fake. Ok, if the audio speech is fake, then there is no problem. What if, the radio speech is for real, then? There are few local radical organizations in Bangladesh who claimed to be acting for Al-Qaeda. Has government investigated on that properly?

Before few months, members of extremists group from Pakistan were arrested in Bangladesh. None knows about the actions taken on that by the government or law enforcement agencies here. Now ISIS members are arrested, as per the Police Detective Branch. Don’t you think these incidents or news over last few months providing a signal of increase of extremism or regrouping of extremists in Bangladesh? How many are really arrested, all? Not possible. May be very few of them are arrested. So, rest of them is clever enough to go back in hide out, so that they cannot be arrested.

Government must act fast and opposition political parties must support them for this issue. Because, if these extremist groups are able to formulate a structure within Bangladesh, then it will become a big problem for the safety of Bangladeshi citizens and for the national security. Government sometimes may not have control over all the corners of their law enforcing agencies, as there are representatives from the opposition parties as well. For in this issue, everyone should work together and fast. These extremist groups are highly capable to destroy any country, as they have done and doing at present. Government to use all the channels available for the intelligence gathering and utilize all the power against these groups in Bangladesh, so that they are captured and provide a message to them who are planning to infiltrate Bangladesh to use as radical extremist depot.

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