ALL OF US ARE KING FOR TODAY: City Corporation Elections 2015

city corporation election

Before I started to write this blog today I thinking of famous song written by Robindra Nath Tagore “All of us are king….”. At present, I can’t remember what is the date or day today for many things happened in last week or for last five days. There were so many incidents within the country, internationally and even in my personal life that I was busy with tackling some bad things that I couldn’t write my articles for last four or five days. This is the time of mourning, so many people died in Nepal. I want to share my condolences to the people and the families who died in the incident in Nepal, India and Bangladesh at recent earthquake.

Let’s come to the point of today’s subject. I have just checked and found out, today is the 27th April 2015. Tomorrow there will be elections in Dhaka  city corporations and Chittagong city corporation. Yesterday all the publicity for tomorrow’s election was called off by the election commission. Today, there will be no publicity held within that cities where elections are going to take place tomorrow. But let me tell you a secret what actually happens before the day of election. Okay, let me just keep that suspense held for a little bit longer.

When the date is announced for election, that includes any type of elections in Bangladesh, the potential candidates start to meet the general people. It looks like they are actually begging for their votes for them to the general public. They spend their whole day and night for begging votes. During this process, I don’t know from where they get all those big amounts of money all of a sudden to spend for the election process. But if you check before the election dates regarding their income taxes, that is their personal income taxes accounts, you will find they have got simply nothing in their accounts. But overnight somehow magically they produce millions of money from air. So this money is really called the black money. So everyone knows, government authorities know, election Commission knows and other authorities related to this election process know about this black money and we general public are habituated now with this. But practically all these regulatory authorities and the candidates behaves like they don’t know nothing about it. But it seems like, somebody is donating all these money for the betterment of electing good people for the country. If we look at the candidates who are competing in the elections, you will find them dressed in a very normal fashion. Their dress and they start talking like general people. But I can guarantee you that they never do this normally. If you check their dresses in other events before the elections, you can cross check my statement.

Now, for last couple of weeks the candidates begged for votes to the general public. They did everything highlight about their plans, raised their voices against bad things, points and actually to market themselves to gain more popularity. But, what happens the day before the election day? Do they really just sit tight and do nothing for the election purpose. No. Now I’m going to tell you about the secret I was talking about. There are lots of money involved during the election processes. Black money are invested by the big businessmen of the city where the election is going to take place. Because investing money will provide them with an opportunity to generate more money when the chosen candidate is elected as mayor of the city. Today most of the black money will be invested through the agents selected by the candidates secretly. Every candidate has got a group of fixed voters, whoever is the candidate. They will vote for the political parties supporting that candidate. There are some voters who will judge the candidates and vote for their chosen one, and there is a chunk of voters they normally float around, they don’t care actually who is going to be elected as mayor of the city. So the candidates will target this group of the voters who are floating around. They will try to convince them through giving them some money, will provide some gifts, may offer some financial benefits etc. and unfortunately, these steps will be taken today that is, the day before the election day. Main candidates will not do this things publicly, rather their representatives will do this things secretly and even sometimes publicly.

30% of the voters will be bought by money by today and tonight. It’s going to make a big impact on the result in tomorrow’s election. If you go to any candidate today and ask for anything there will promise to provide you with that immediately and even if you bully them today for their bed doings in the past, they will accept everything with a big smile. How funny. Because, today we are the king and kings are the general public only for today. So enjoy today and feel like a king of the city, so what if it is just for one day only.

I will request everyone, not to be purchased by the candidates to vote them and tell others who will not get chance to read this blog of mine. These cities’ bones are broken like my finger, still their is hope if we can select the right doctor to treat it properly. It may take time, but it will.

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