name and religious faith different

One day I asked my father whether he knows about our previous generations or not. He replied that he had tried to know when he was much younger and could find the names and relations for last 14 generations. Then I corrected him saying it should be 15 generations, because I am a father now. My son was following the discussion and asked me about the subject as he was very young. Then I tried to break the subject down and explained him and he smiled on that may be thinking is this a subject to discuss?

It’s an unsolved mystery of the universe, why people are born with a name from his father and become a follower of the same religion automatically. I have seen so many people who change their religion later part of their life. Why? What is the motivational part of it? Why they think their traditional religious beliefs were wrong and found the right path now? If he/she finds in the future that their changed beliefs are wrong to him/her again, what happens then?

So many questions to answer. It is obvious that different religions have got different ways of following and performing their religious customs. There are some factors work in between the real teachings of religion and the followers; so these factors can be family, society, leaders, environment, country, financial status, education etc. These factors manipulates about the real teachings of all the religions and right directions to follow.

Why these factors are so involved for this sort of manipulation? What is their gain? Everything in this world circles around the word ‘POWER’. Some critics may argue that it’s all about money; but actually by gaining financial freedom someone gains the power to convert that financial ability into something else.

If you think for a while about some family titles globally who are very powerful, you will get 4/5 family names who are very rich and powerful. Same model works locally for any particular country. If you count the most powerful families in a country, you may get 5-9 families who are very powerful. So what makes these families so powerful? Money? No. It’s their intellectual and manipulation ability to convert anything to the other. For example, they may have ability to motivate spiritually to do anyone to what they want them to do or follow; some may have the ability to convince others to make someone leader. So, all the ways coming together into one point and that is power. Now the ways could be different and the form can be anything.

These powerful families have already established system everywhere. They are not of anyone’s and they are not follower of any religion really. They worship ‘POWER’. They will and want to do anything and everything to keep the control of the power and keep making it stronger.

What about rest of the people? Some of them really follow the real teachings of their religion, some are trapped in the middle, some are dreaming to be becoming the next king of ‘POWER’. Therefore, everyone is scattered so haphazardly that it’s a massacre.

When we hear a name of a person, we try to guess whether he is Hindu or Muslim or Christian or any other. Most of the times, we guess right. It depends on the country and local environment though. But that is not my point. Let’s asked for name of a person, he said right, our guess was correct; but does it really mean that he is a real believer or follower of that religion?

Now question may arise, do I have a measuring tape to measure the belief? No and Yes. I will take No from here and continue, because Yes might result in chaos and contradiction due its subjectivity. But if I consider it to be No, then how we can prove that whether the person is correct about his  religious belief or not?

The answer his ‘ his heart’. Only the person himself can say who he/ she is. Bearing a Muslim name does not make him Muslim, or bearing a Christian Name does not make someone Christian and same to other religions. Why you have to believe a God when you have not seen him? Why you are not allowed to criticize or question your religion when you find something wrong with it? Well, there is always a way. None can control your mind. You can always control, criticize and think inside your mind.

Every religion is very much radical. What if, you consider yourself outside any religion. Then there is nothing which going to stop you from anything. No names, no tradition will restrict you to question and to think.

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