Let the examination be commenced without strike and Blockade

ssc students human chain against strike in bangladesh

HSC and similar standard examination have been commenced from 1st April within unstable political situation. No examination will be held from 26 to 29 April due to City election of Dhaka and Chittagong. It has been assured on behalf of the government whatever is political situation examination will be taken at scheduled time as per routine. The 20 parties alliance have announced strike and blockade will be observed all over the country if not it in Dhaka & Chittagong on the eve of city election. Having no exclusion of 20 Party alliance for HSC and similar standard examination the examinees will have to go and come to examination center with risk. Also will appear in the examination within additional pressure.

It is scheduled to have completed theoretical examination on 11 June as per routine of HSC and similar standard examination. After that it is scheduled to have completed practical examination from 13 to 22 June. Like each year this time also this examination will be held through a Madrasa and a Technical Board including eight Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

SSC examination of the current year has also held within unstable political situation. Due to strike and blockade the routine of examination has to be taken on weekly holiday, Friday and Saturday. It will be difficult to conclude examination within July if the same antagonism repeats in case of HSC examination. At that time fasting and Eid will be observed.

Today’s examinees are the future of next day. Whether or not they will build up competent citizen in confronting challenge of twenty first century that will depend upon how far they will be able to utilize mostly the opportunity of education and learning. But at the activities of the political leaders their future are being interrupted particularly repugnant polities have fallen averse impact on educational activities of SSC & HSC examinees this year.

There is no place of strike- blockade in the civilized country. Claim has arisen from the distinguished persons of the society for prohibiting strike blockade for upholding the economy of the country in last three decades and for the interest of human right of the general people. But due to double standard of political leaders that has remained scatted obstinately like a ghost on the shoulder of the nation in spite of having strong public support against disgraced politics. While in state power hostility of strike-blockade-based negative politics and while in opposition party its random exercise has turned into general characteristics of politics. In strike and blockade it has caused extensive loss of the economy. This program increases sufferings of people, affects the economy of the country and educational activities.

The learners mostly suffer in strike. The routine of examination breaks down, preparation becomes spoil classes and examinations do not do properly. As a result, their future lead to uncertain destinations. Due to political program the educational lives of the learners becoming disordered are unbelievable matter for the civilized society. On 44 years of independence although the country is progressing ahead our politicians have confined mentality of themselves in savage society, their devoid of sense of responsibility with educational lives of learners are the evidence of it.


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