Present Scenario of Blogging and Fear of Death

blogger death in Bangladesh

I used to write in my blogs in different ages of my life. Even I have forgot the names of the blogs. I never tried to find those out online, because I did not feel interest. Some of my blogs were on topic of my interest, some may be on my professional issues.┬áPresent Scenario of Blogging and Fear of Death – has re-inspired me to resume my writing habit.

Since I have seen a change in Bangladesh, I started to write. Not because, this will earn me money rather I started writing from my interest which came out from my soul. Even sometimes I don’t know what I am writing about and where to end, but I am writing what coming out of me.
This country was not like this before in my childhood, as it is now. Still I can remember the revolution in 1990, incidents of different elections. But I started thinking about the situation here when “Bangla Bhai” issue came to lime light. At first, none gave that much seriousness on this issue, but everyone knows what happened at the end. I also did not give importance at the very beginning. But I was shocked when they started blowing up everything. Still I believe it was a conspiracy by the then government.
When “Gonojagoron Moncho” was established in shahbag, still I can remember the day. Only small group of people gathered in Shahbag. Slowly and gradually it attracted general mass all over the country. After few months, I realized that this movement was also the birth-child of present Government.
Blogging, blogger- these words were not that much popular in our country; especially, general people were not familiar with this. However, When blogger Rajib was murdered during “Gonojagoron Moncho” movement, then this word came into lime light. What happened next, NOTHING.
There were several attacks on other bloggers during that period, what actions taken by Government agencies? some eyewash actions and every was dumped into store.
The day Blogger Ovijit and his wife were attacked in ┬áTSC beside Ekushe Boimela, I visited the place around 12 PM. I was with my family and I was scared that during this strike period anything can go wrong at anytime. I thought it’s better to visit earlier. However, I came back within an hour. Then I came to know about Ovijit murder incident through TV news. What has happened so far on his case? NOTHING. As he was American citizen, that is why FBI came and investigated. Any development from local authority on investigation. None has to think, I am telling you, nothing will be done on this. After several months, everyone will forget about this. Still I can’t understand, why Ovijit came to Bangladesh to visit only the book fair?
I was really surprised, when Washikur, another blogger, was murdered within couple of weeks of the Ovijit incident. It shows that the underground parties are raising and developing; whereas our government is doing nothing on this. These terrorists are remaining out of reach. they are having all the capabilities to launch attack on anyone, anytime; the way newspapers are mentioning.
Now I am concerned about these killings taking place. None knows when I am their next target. Now I can feel what other bloggers thinks about. When I see 2/3 persons talking together and looking towards me on my way, I feel scared. When I see a person, looking like detective towards me on my way back home, I feel scared. This was the target of the terror groups who are killing all these bloggers; so that everyone feel scared about this killings and stops thinking and writing.
I want to throw a challenge to these terror groups and government agencies ( who are in day dream doing nothing on this issue) that your target to stop the voice of free men are not going to see the light. If you kill 2, more 200 will start writing. Good things never stopped in this world, bad has been always defeated.

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