Dhaka City Mayor Election Game 2020

by Admin

Let’s talk about Dhaka City Mayor election today. Let me throw some questions to you. Who is this election for? Who is going to participate? Who is going to elect the Mayor?

Religions are nothing but made up stories

You make stories to put them in a imaginary world, like that religions are nothing but made up stories to put you in the imaginary world where you feel good or you are scared to follow the religions. Most of the time these stories are made to scare you to control you. Some time they try to promote humanity, but at the next paragraph they will mention about the punishments if you don't follow them. Most funny part of these kind of religions and their stories are, they are told to believe thes

Local radicalised terrorists are now well connected to international terrorist networks

Local radicalised terrorists or muslims or may be from any other religion in Bangladesh, is now well connected to international terrorist organisations. It looks like, they are behaving like, years ago, how World Wide Web was created.

New Digital Security Law of Bangladesh kept Sec 57 of ICT law

Everyone was criticising ICT law, specailly sec 57 for years. And then government said, they are going to review this law and introduce a new one. But as always, government introduced Digital safety law, but kept all the criticised part of old sec 57 of ICT law. Shameless Sheikh Hasina and her government has proven again, how shameless they are. They will be champion in shamelessness if there were any world championship competition on this.

Is it another short-term cry for a change from students?

Is it a short-term cry from students to fight corruption? This is not the first time, it happened. Corruption has spread all over the places in Bangladesh. Now a days, we can see groups of people from the general mass is trying to protest; which is good.